8ww Exercise and Personal Training

8 Weeks to Wellness – Exercise

Statistics covering health, wellness, and exercise in America are shocking. The CDC states that over 60% of adults in the U.S. are overweight and over 25% or 1 in 4 is obese. The CDC also gives an equally alarming statistic on the growing trend that 40% of adults in America never engage in any type of physical activity / exercise. These two facts combined says the CDC are linked to an increased risk in a variety of chronic health conditions. These include heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

In our program you will work with your own professional personal trainer. The program is designed specifically for you and your goals.

You will work on three crucial aspects of fitness: Mobility and Flexibility, Cardiovascular Training, and Resistance or Strength Training. We are a “posture” based functional fitness program, meaning we want YOU moving well with perfect posture. Each program is tailored to your own ability. We take into account you age, any limitations or injuries you may have, previous exercise history, and your current starting fitness level. Whether you are 18 or 80, you will find this program a match for you.

How Genesis Chiropractic Clinic’s Personal Trainers Can Help You

Training and exercises can help you shape the body you want and feel comfortable in your own skin. But they can also prevent future injuries and help you recover from existing ones. In fact, almost all injuries you can think of must be carefully addressed with specific exercises for a full and complete recovery.

However, this is far more complicated than most think. It requires a lot of knowledge, the right education and plenty of experience to be able to properly address an injury with exercises. So whether you are looking to shape the perfect body you’ve always wanted, or you need an additional treatment for your injury, opting for personal training is the choice that will guarantee best results. The trainers at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic are certified, experienced, and have all the knowledge needed to help you achieve your training goals. They can give you invaluable advises that will help you improve both your physical and mental health.

Recovery from Existing Injuries and Prevention of Future Ones

Many people out there avoid training and exercises, fearing they might hurt themselves or further worsen an already existing injury. And although they are right to some extent, not working out at all will only cause more health problems and worsen existing ones. A good personal trainer knows how to address injuries and health problems, and can devise a set of exercises that can facilitate their treatment.

At Genesis Chiropractic Clinic, you will find some of the best personal trainers out there, who will create a carefully tailored workout regime that is precisely for you, help you perform the exercises properly, shape your body the way you want and facilitate the recovery of any injury you might have. Our trainers will show you how to use gym equipment the right way so that you won’t injure yourself, they will help you increase your strength, flexibility and balance, preventing future injuries and recovering from existing ones.

The Right Technique

Knowing how to perform each exercise the right way is extremely important, however, watching YouTube videos and reading fitness magazines simply cannot substitute a seasoned trainer who will stand by your side and give you immediate feedback. Our trainers will make sure you are performing every single exercise correctly, with the right posture, speed, and technique. This will not only help you achieve better results more quickly, but it will also keep you safe from injuries.

A Personalized Training Program

Every person out there is unique and requires an individual and personalized training program. The trainers at Genesis Chiropractic Clinic can develop a regime for you that fit your needs and goals. They will take everything into account: including your medical background and your current physical condition, in order to choose the right exercises for you and accommodate them according to your needs.