Blood Labs Analysis – Key to Wellness

Blood Labs Analysis – Key to Wellness

I was at an amazing blood analysis seminar last month called “Vital Health Protocols” in Houston, Texas. We learned about in-depth laboratory and blood analysis from a cutting edge lab company called Boston Heart Labs. We learned about analysis of patient’s blood, looking at your future risk of chronic disease and early death – in particular, heart disease and stroke risk assessment and prevention.

We learned so many great things that are relevant to helping our patients. We learned about the six areas of your labs that are critical for you to understand.

Some of these are things like your lipid and cholesterol production and absorption, your sugar metabolism and insulin resistance, your thyroid function, your liver function, your genetic predisposition’s, your inflammatory markers, your vitamin D levels, and much more.

What I’ve come to learn is that people can’t make changes if they don’t know what changes to make. In fact, we can’t change things that we are not aware of. This lab analysis makes us aware of exactly what is going on in your body and how to solve your health problems. And that includes the ones that you may not even know exist yet.

For example, did you know that half of the people who die of a heart attack have normal LDL cholesterol? Do you know which types of cholesterol are actually protective to your heart and which are extremely dangerous? Did you know that fish oil, Omega-3 fatty acids are critical to your heart and brain health, yet most of us consume way too much Omega-6 fatty acids, which is found in animal products? Were you aware that you can have your Omega-6/Omega-3 balance tested? Further, did you know that as your thyroid function goes down, your cholesterol goes up?  Did you know that you can have high HDL (good) cholesterol and still be at risk for heart disease? Were you told that we all have a genetic variant (ApoE gene) that we get from our mother and father that determines whether we are good at processing either carbohydrates (ApoE4) or proteins (ApoE2)? Do you know whether you are the carb type or the protein type?

If you have not had your Boston Heart lab profile done in our office, we would highly recommend having it done. It is much more in depth than the standard blood work that you get at your medical doctor’s office at your annual checkup. Knowing this information could be lifesaving. Why play Russian roulette with something as important as your health. Go to Las Vegas or go bet on the horses, but don’t gamble with your health. “Crapping out” or “going bust” with your health is called early death from a heart attack, a cancer diagnosis, or type 2 diabetes. If you had a crystal ball and could predict your future, wouldn’t you want a say in what the future looks like, especially if it doesn’t look good? This lab work is that crystal ball!

Check out a Sample of the informative report below. This is just a snippet.