Rapid Release

rapid release scar tissue therapy

Rediscover the Joy of Movement and Recover from Any Injury with Our Rapid Release Technology

Tired of these chronic injuries that seem to be untreatable and make your everyday life an absolute nightmare? Well, we have a solution that can help you overcome your injuries and enjoy the freedom of movement without pain once again. At Genesis Chiropractic Clinic, we have access to new revolutionary treatment technologies that can heal almost any injury and change your life, and the Rapid Release device is one of them. Invented for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games athletes, this technology was initially available only to top athletes, but it is now accessible by ordinary patients too. Rapid Release is revolutionary product that has changed the way we look at recovery and treatments. It is effective, quick, causes absolutely no pain and the effects of Rapid Release treatment are long lasting. But how exactly does the Rapid Release work?

rapid release scar tissue therapy

rapid release scar tissue therapy

What is The Rapid Release Device?

The device is so effective thanks to its five treatment heads, each carefully designed to address specific tissue and location on your body. Rapid Release has a soft tip that is mainly used over bony areas; its actuator is great for reflexology points, accupoints, and trigger points, while the large muscle groups such as quadriceps, triceps and lats are treated with a larger head. There is also a treatment cap that can warm up the tissue, and an additional large tip useful for treatment of almost any part of your body.

How it Works

Rapid Release device is based on the science of resonance. The heads of the device vibrate at high speed, sending high compression waves throughout the tissue which absorbs them. The vibration waves boost the hyaluronic acid pressure on fascia, which is fibrous tissue that encloses a muscle or an organ. Tight fascia can cause pain and malfunction in tissues and organs, so it is extremely important to loosen it up and relax it. In addition, Rapid Release quickly relaxes muscle spasms, cramps and guarding. This is extremely important because tight muscles limit the blood flow and thus hinder the recovery of muscle cells. A treatment with Rapid Release is one of the most effective ways to increase enhance blood flow in tendons and allow your tissues to recover.

How Rapid Release Can Help You

The Rapid Release technology is extremely versatile and can be used for basically any injury and inflammation, no matter where it is located. Wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder treatments, as well as knee, neck, spine and back treatments – it can either be used as your primary treatment or an additional method that will facilitate and speed up your recovery.