Therapist is applying ultrasound head transducer on the shoulder with gel , Medical equipment use for release pain

The Ultrasound Therapy of Genesis Chiropractic Clinic

Our Ultrasound service is utilized for therapeutic effects. Based on the study of the experts, ultrasound releases audio energy at an extremely high frequency. The continuous production of acoustic energy at the same wavelength creates a thermal effect. The result would be an enhanced circulation of blood, decreased spasm and stiffness, improved flexibility of joint and tendons and a massively reduced pain. It also creates pulsed wave that triggers the regeneration of tissue, activates the production of skin collagen, improved circulation and reduce the swelling caused by edema. It is a painless form of procedure offered by our Chiropractic Clinic, and most of our patients are finding it very relaxing and comfortable.

The Ultrasound Therapy: How does it Work?

In order to make the healing process more convenient, our chiropractors utilize various types of physiotherapy. With the use of ultrasound therapy, the rate of healing of our tendon, muscle and joint will speed up which can be attributed to the release of high frequency.

When the cells of the tissue started to vibrate, thermal energy is created. The heat that is produced is deeply seated in our tissue, and it is more beneficial compared to the heat on the surface of our skin. It has the capacity to loosen the ligaments and muscle which ultimately promotes flexibility. It will also improve blood circulation and promote the production of new cells in the process. By enhancing the in-depth heat, the permeability of our membrane will also improve, allowing them to take moisture and nutrients and prevent the swelling of the skin. The vibration caused by the ultrasound therapy has a direct impact on the formation of a scar, trigger point, adhesion and spastic tissue. It also has the ability to trigger the regeneration of the soft tissue.

This type of therapy is recommended by our chiropractor to patients with various types of muscle and tissue injury. Some of the prevalent conditions that we commonly subject to this type of therapy are muscle adhesion, removal of scars, trigger points, osteoarthritis, numbness, muscle pain, back pain, disc bulges, bursitis, tendonitis, ligaments and muscle sprain and muscle spasm.

At the start of the treatment, the attending physical therapist or chiropractor will apply a medical-grade gel be to your skin. Then the device which is normally around the size of computer mouse will be mildly placed on the affected skin in order to start the treatment. After the treatment, the gel will be removed.

After the treatment, our attending medical personnel may require you to perform simple actions like stretching your arms. We may also recommend an additional form of treatment in order to enhance the result of the ultrasound therapy.