Ambrozine Williams

I was in pain everyday. Every muscle in me ached.  My friend saw the advertisement in the paper about fibromyalgia sufferers, so she called for me and told me about it and she told me she had him send out information. My friend made an appointment for me to come in for the first time.  I had no one to take me.  So she took the day off and drove me.  I knew he was going to help me when he was able to describe every part of my body and what I was feeling.  He knows every part of me when he was taking the x-ray, he could see my muscles.  I couldn’t sit up and I started coming here for 5 weeks, and now I can go to church, I’m stronger, I can put a smile on my face – things I couldn’t do before.  He’s good.

My church people would have to come in and change my bed once a week, cook for me, cut my hair, wash it, I couldn’t do anything for myself.  I had a friend that helped me.  They would come at 5am to help me, help with breakfast.  Sometimes I couldn’t even get up to go the bathroom.  Fibromyalgia is a horrible thing.  It cripples you—did you know that?  It will cripple you. You can’t do anything.  It’s terrible.  But now, praise God.  I feel very good because now I don’t feel the pain I used to feel. I can laugh now and hold a conversation with somebody.  I’m going to recommend a lot of patients here.

Dr. Fish adjusted my back, and he pushes my back in, and it’s really in because I don’t feel pain anymore. If he can help me go to church in only 5 weeks, in three months anything is possible.  My back and the back part of my legs were in bad shape, and I was just so ignorant to anything anyone said.  To be honest with you, I wanted to take my life—I couldn’t go through with it anymore.  I had never heard of anyone who treats fibromyalgia.  But when my friend told me about it, I said, “I can’t believe it.  There is no cure for it.”  But I can say now there is a cure for it.  I don’t expect all the pain to leave at once, but I know there is relief.  I got a good relief from his treatment.

He doesn’t give me any medicine.  I had never heard of such a thing.  It’s just exercise and adjustments.  When I heard he doesn’t give medicine I said, “What is he talking about?” I haven’t heard they have any cure for fibromyalgia.  So I said let’s try it and I have no regrets.

My favorite thing to do is go to church.  I couldn’t go to church before.  The church used to have to come to me.  So for about 6-7 years the church has been coming to me, and this past Saturday I went to church for the first time.  Everybody was frightened.  Service was held in my house two, or sometimes even three times a week.  But now I go, everybody was so shocked.

If they hear about it, they should come in and visit him, and see what he can do for them.  They won’t believe until they start coming.  When my friend told me she made an appointment, I never thought that I could feel like this.  No way.  I was suffering, I had an MRI, I had two epidural injections, and they didn’t do anything good for me.  But here it is very good. I recommend it to anyone.