Colleen Freeburger

My name is Colleen Freeburger and my occupation is a stay at home mom.  I live in Bucks County.  My hobbies are working out, reading, camping, and boating. I was struggling with Fibromyalgia.  My fears and apprehensions was that I was having trouble sleeping and tired during the day and I was worried about taking care of my two small children who were very high maintenance at the time and just not being to function and getting my daily chores done.  Not being able to function day to day.

Previously to chiropractic care I just went to medical doctors who basically just prescribe drugs and medications from pain killers to muscle relaxers to anti-inflamatories to anti-depressants, the gamut of drugs all of which did not do anything to help my Fibromyalgia.  They were just giving me side effects to all the medications.

Through chiropractic care I have improved to the point where I feel like a normal person again.  I’m sleeping better, I have a little more energy during the day than I had before. I’m able to workout some, take care of the children, and I don’t feel the need to nap every day like I’ve done in the past. I feel more normal and that I can function day to day.

I view chiropractic care as a long lasting fix, not a temporary quick-fix. I personally can only speak from a Fibromyalgia patient, but I do believe that by keeping yourself healthy and by keeping your spine aligned and taking nutrients and things like that, you can sustain your health and prevent illnesses from creeping in, so I’m completely agreeable to chiropractic care for people who have chronic pain that doesn’t seem to be going away.