Florence Ford

chiropractor patient warminster pa

My name is Florence Ford.  I live in Warminster.  I am a communications director at a university.  My hobbies include reading mostly, and I do some needle work, I have some pets, I like to travel, I do some writing on the side. 

I suffer from Fibromyalgia. I have had it for 10 years.  I was experiencing a lot of muscle stiffness, muscle pain, and I had been for quite a while.  I wanted to feel better, and I thought this might be the avenue to pursue, and I was hoping I was right and I was!

I saw a rheumatologist, I took some medications.  I tried to do some physical activity when I was able to do that and I had gotten massages in the past and they seemed to help.  When I came here I was offered the chiropractic adjustments and the massage and that combination seems to work for me. 

I’ve been seeing Dr. Fish for six weeks, and I would say I’ve improved 70%.  I sleep better, I move better, I’m overcoming that chronic fatigue I had.  I think for me it’s going to be a long-lasting thing. 

Right now I’m in an intensive program, but as I feel better I would use it as a maintenance program.  Anyone out there who has Fibromyalgia definitely needs to seek out chiropractic care.