Jason Comparetto

I came to see Dr. Fish for knee pain and upper back pain. Before coming to Genesis Chiropractic Clinic, I spoke to three medical doctors about my knees. Each had a different response: “It’s tennis elbow in your knees”, “it might be cancer”, “you’re getting old”, and “it’s nothing”!

A good friend of mine, Scott, referred me to Dr. Fish because he got good results there. When I came in, Dr. Fish took a complete history and performed a few exams to try to find out the true cause of my pain. What he discovered was that I had a few bones slightly misaligned in both knees and my low back. After he set me up for an initial series of adjustments, my knee pain went away almost right away and by the end of the series my back was feeling better too.

I am a part-time model so I need to stay physically fit. I love to work out and play sports and being pain free lets me do that!

Having my knees and back corrected was only the beginning. It carried over onto better health and positive lifestyle changes. Chiropractic care is a long-term necessity. Perhaps life-long?

I am getting ready to go to military boot camp with the Marines. My last stop before I go will be to get adjusted and I know the first day I get back, I will be in to see Dr. Fish.

Go see Dr. Fish. It may change everything!