Joe Byers

On August 25, 2002 I was severely injured in an auto accident. My car was rear-ended and caused a pinched nerve to radiate pain down my left leg. My lower back and my L5 disc was injured so I decided to go see Dr. Fish.

I had not sought any medical attention before getting straight to the chiropractor. I was referred in by a good friend of mine who told me Dr. Fish would take care of me.

Dr. Fish provided me with continuous muscle therapy by using a high-tech electric muscle stimulation and deep heat which helped reduce the muscle tension to the low back and L5 area. After my muscles were relaxed enough, I got periodic adjustments (about twice a week at first then less frequently when the adjustments started holding better).

I enjoy running, weight lifting, and golfing. Try doing that with a bad back! Since seeing Dr. Fish I have noticed major improvements and reductions in pain. With continued follow-ups I am expecting long-lasting correction and pain relief.

I would tell anyone who is starting chiropractic care, or thinking about starting, that you should continue regular treatments at Genesis and don’t get discouraged. It’s a long process sometimes to recovery (especially if you’ve been in a serious car accident). Through regular chiropractic adjustments, the pain will eventually subside.