Joey Webster

Joey came to the clinic for treatment of his sore back which he thinks was caused from always falling off of his bike and playing rough with his friends. He also points out that his reason for getting adjusted was because “my wonderful mommy says so!”

Before seeking chiropractic care, Joey would get massages from his mom.

Joey says that the chiropractic adjustments “makes me feel better and it’s fun to get adjusted. Dr. Fish says to be adjusted if I’m hurt or not.”

Some of Joey’s favorite hobbies are riding his bike and his scooter, playing X-Box, gardening, getting in mud, and of course going to Happy Times. Staying adjusted helps Joey to do these things without worries or restrictions of back pain.

Joey had some words of encouragement for others: “Do your homework. Don’t eat too much sugar. Don’t wash the walls with mom’s shampoo.”