Karen Strohecker

I originally came to Dr. Fish for treatment for pain which was in my lower spine. The pain was so bad that it even radiated into my groin area and caused me frequent episodes of muscle weakness which would cause me to lose my balance. Along with all of that, I had tingling in the fingers of both hands!

Before seeking the chiropractic care of Dr. Fish, I tried several approaches including exercise on weight machines and aerobic equipment. This helped somewhat but it was only temporary. After I realized I needed some help, I was referred in to see Dr. Fish by my mother-in-law who has been a patient there for quite some time.

To help my condition, Dr. Fish used muscle stimulation and moist heat to help relax my spine. He then performed gentle adjustments to the affected spinal areas.

Some of my hobbies are reading, creative writing, traveling with my husband on his motorcycle, enjoying my home and loving my family. My back pain and finger tingling was taking away from these experiences before I came to see the chiropractor. I can now say that all pain, loss of balance, and tingling of my fingers is completely gone!! Chiropractic is a long lasting correction and I will keep up with monthly maintenance chiropractic care.

Chiropractic restored my life to normalcy and allowed me to function optimally at my job as a Nurse Practitioner caring for ill infants. It may be of a similar help for other clients…And Dr. Fish is gentle and always has an encouraging kind word when you see him!