Patricia Ranalli

My name is Trish Ranalli, and my hometown is temporarily Philadelphia—I’m in the process of moving soon.  My occupation is I have two jobs, I work at Xerox Corp. as an administrative assistant and I am also a part-time real estate salesperson. 

I would come as far as I have to because I feel I get the service that I’m looking for, and very courteous and fast-service, especially with my busy schedule they always find time to fit me in. 

My injury has limited me to hobbies.  Shopping is a big hobby of mine right now.  Bowling, swimming, you know when I feel up to it.  I will resume when my condition is better.  I suffered because I was on a cane, I was unable to do anything.  I was not very active in real estate. 

Dr. Fish and his staff here has helped me get back my life again.  I’m looking forward to getting better and even more.  I suffer from back injury due to having an auto accident.  So yes, I suffer from a bad back.  My fears were that I would never get my life back together to be a real estate agent like I trained to be. 

I have come a long way since I’ve been coming to see the doctor and the staff here.  The massage therapist has been very good with me getting the tension out of me and the stress because of my injury

Being a mother and a grandmother, in my early 50’s I was not anxious to be on a cane for the rest of my life.  So I improved tremendously. I am able to do a lot more.  Just to get my life back and be a real estate agent.  Before I had to get partner to share my responsibilities, driving and so forth, now I can do all that myself.  I look forward to doing that and making more money than I am now. 

Chiropractic care is a long lasting correction.  I feel that maintaining is very important in that perspective.  All I do is tell everyone that I am very impressed with the chiropractic service I get here.  I encourage everyone that if you are feeling very badly and that you want to get your life back, definitely look into this option rather than surgery or your pills or anything like that.