Phil Grenetz

I originally came to see Dr. Fish for treatment of tendonitis and impingement in my shoulder. Before coming to see Dr. Fish, I tried to go to an orthopedist and an osteopath. They ordered x-rays and an MRI. I then went to a Physical Therapist, all to no avail.

From my prior experience with chiropractors for many years, I decided to give chiropractic a try. In addition to adjustments to my neck and back, Dr. Fish used heat, electro-stimulation therapies, exercises and instruction in stretching and strengthening to do at home.

Some of my hobbies include computers and camping and having a bad shoulder kept me from enjoying them. But since seeing Dr. Fish, I have improved enormously. The correction was long lasting. In fact it’s been two years now!

For others in treatment with Dr. Fish I would say: when one modality fails, others may help.