Rachel Ayzenberg

I brought my four-year-old daughter to see Dr. Fish because she had frequent ear infections and I heard that chiropractic could help. She also got tired easily and was quickly distracted by things. Rachel also had limited gross and especially fine motor skills and just overall bad body coordination.

Prior to treatments with Dr. Fish we tried to treat her ear infections with antibiotics with limited success. We used play/exercise to help promote her motor development.

I read an article in the Genesis Chiropractic Wellness Newsletter that explained about possible ear infections and spine alignment connections so I decided to give it a try.

Dr. Fish adjusted my daughter’s neck and lower back areas. He also performed muscle therapies to help relax Rachel’s back and hand muscles.

Some of my daughter’s favorite things to do are dancing and singing in front of the mirror. She enjoys swimming and all water activities. Blowing bubbles is her favorite part.

It is now October and Rachel has been treating with Dr. Fish since June. She has not had any ear infections since we began care. Her gross motor activity and body coordination have improved. Now she is willing to participate in sports and other games. She would refuse before because she could not keep up with the other kids. We both consider chiropractic as a long lasting correction with on-going maintenance.