Sara Gift

I came to Dr. Fish for treatment of my chronic low back pain. I also had some neck cramping and tightness. This was brought on from my career as a Nurse’s Aide and now a Registered Nurse. For the past nine years I have been doing this job and I am often lifting and transferring heavy patients.

Before coming to Genesis Chiropractic, I tried a variety of approaches such as massage, heat, taking time to rest, a back brace, and Ibuprofen. These helped to some degree but never fixed the cause of my back pain or neck stiffness permanently.

I decided to try for myself the chiropractic approach after Dr. Fish explained to me exactly what chiropractic is and how chiropractic works. Dr. Fish assessed my current back pain, measured it (x-rays and a computerized back scanner), developed a plan to correct it, and implemented the plan through biweekly office visits.

Working as a nurse it is very important to have my body pain-free so that I can help others. But in my daily life I also enjoy reading, walking, camping, and hiking – all of which are more enjoyable being pain free.

At this point, I no longer have chronic back pain. I never though I could wake up in the morning pain free. I occasionally have flare-ups after a heavy workload and come in for a “tune-up” to feel better. I think chiropractic is a long-lasting correction maintained with periodic adjustments.

Being a medical professional I was very skeptical of chiropractic care. I was giving chiropractic care a chance as a last resort. It should have been the first resort. Thank you Dr. Fish for spending the time to explain chiropractic and answer my questions!