Scott Gift

My name is Scott Gift.  My hometown is Warrington, which is right near this office.  I currently work as an engineer for Penn State’s Applied Research Laboratory.  I enjoy working with computers, working outdoors in scouting, and just in general having a good time. 

I have lower back pain, at least once a year I was not able to walk correctly due to an injury with my lower back.  My fears were being stuck in a wheelchair, if I couldn’t get help for my back.  I would look in the mirror and say “You’re not hurt.” and then go back out to the world. 

After treatment, I’m better now.  I view chiropractic as a long lasting correction. Just like you have to take your automobile to get tuned-up, you have to take yourself in to get tuned-up.  I highly recommend people come in and try out Genesis Chiropractic.  It has helped me through many situations where I have had to crawl into his office and then I could walk out and I would be good for the next day.