Sinida Seldon

I began chiropractic care with Dr. Fish because I was experiencing low back pain and had carpel tunnel in both hands. 

Before I began treatment I was given drugs and told that I would have to have surgery. But everyone I know who has had surgery are still in pain or feel much worse.

Seeing Dr. Fish has helped me deal with the pain. Chiropractic has made it possible for me to live my life and do everyday activities with less pain and I didn’t have to have surgery.  A few of my hobbies are swimming, walking and traveling and now I can enjoy these activities again.

I have been coming for three years or more.  I started getting treatment twice a week and now I only come every two weeks.  I am glad I found Dr. Fish and his staff.  They made my life more pleasurable due to less pain, less drugs, and most of all no surgery.