Svetlana Terletsky

I came to see Dr. Fish because I had lower back pain following my daughter’s birth in 1999 which limited my daily activities. I also had neck and wrist pain which I believe to be connected to my work as a computer programmer.

Before seeing Dr. Fish, I had been under chiropractic care for four years and took water aerobics classes. My lower back got much better, but the pain was coming back once in a while, though not as bad.

I read the Genesis Chiropractic Wellness Newsletter about possible connections between ear infections and spine alignments so I took my daughter in for an examination. As I brought Rachel for her computer exam (SEMG), I decided to try it on myself. This was the first time in my chiropractic experience to have the computerized SEMG exam. I knew my problem area very well by now and could see that precisely reflected on the SEMG printout. I felt more assured in the objectiveness of my (and Rachel’s) evaluation. Dr. Fish adjusted my lower back, neck, and wrists.

At this point, my daughter is my biggest hobby – so I try to do everything together with her, maybe except singing in front of the mirror although dancing is ok. When I have time, I enjoy reading, dancing with a more proper partner than my daughter, home interior and clothing design (again mostly for my daughter) and decoration. I also enjoy spending time outdoors – whether it’s in the woods, ocean, or mountains.

Since seeing Dr. Fish, my condition has improved, especially my wrists – since they never had been adjusted before. This month I brought my older son (13) for an evaluation and will continue to bring both of my kids for adjustments.

For anyone contemplating what to do with their health, I would say always explore all of the possibilities!