Tina Jackson

My main reason for coming to see Dr. Fish was due to disc compressions in my lower back (L5) which led to numbness on the left side of my body. I also had tight and painful neck muscles. I had previously been seeing another chiropractor for treatment.

One day while shopping at the Willow Grove Mall, I fell down the escalator and landed in front of the Select Comfort mattress store. I decided to lay down for a while. We were bed shopping anyway so I said “What the heck.” While paying for a bed, we saw “Fish’s” card. It noted a free consultation. I took advantage of this consultation and the rest is history.

Dr. Fish adjusted my neck and back so I was able to move properly. That’s pretty useful when you consider some of my hobbies are golf, traveling, and knitting.

I have improved under the care of Dr. Fish and I look at chiropractic as a long lasting correction.

Chiropractic is beneficial for your overall health and wellness. I believe an adjusted spine with no subluxations leads to better overall emotional, psychological, and physical well-being.